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Amalie Organics Skin Care

Alchemically prepared with colloidal Gold and Silver


Gold & Roses

Our Gold & Roses organic skin care range is an exciting blend of old and new technology.

Marrying the divinely intoxicating fragrance of Bulgarian Rose Otto with pure Colloidal Gold, we have developed a face cream and mist for a precious and indulging experience.

Thousands of rose petals are hand harvested and carefully distilled to produce the finest Rose Oil money can buy. This Oil and its Hydrosol is then combined with Gold in an advanced process using proprietary plasma technology, reducing 24k Gold to the finest colloidal particles in water. Fire in Water.

Why combine Gold & Roses? For many centuries Potable Gold was held in high regard by Alchemists as the King of medicines and a powerful agent of longevity and rejuvenation. In India it is still considered one of the highest medicines and is prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors in ash form. Rose, the Queen of flowers, not only opens the heart and mind, but is gentle and calming to the skin and is effective for nurturing stressed and tired skin back into health. By marrying the King and Queen, we have created an anti-aging formula that is soothing and revitalizing. We know you will cherish the result!

Our Gold & Roses organic skin care & cosmetics range currently includes a rejuvenating Face and Body Cream and our divine Caressing Facial Mist.

Gold & Roses - Anti Aging Face Cream

Indulges you with organic and precious ingredients, regenerative and anti-aging properties, a silky texture, excellent spreadability and moisturizing qualities.

We combine colloidal gold, Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil* and Hydrosol*, Almond Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Moringa Oil* and a special preparation of MSM and Carbamide, using an Olive emulsifier*.

Colloidal Gold, which gives this cream its light rose colour, is believed to particularly benefit nerve tissues and enhance cell communication, thereby supporting skin regeneration. The radiance and health of the skin is nourished and restored with the divine fragrance of Rose Otto.

May Kindle Sensuous Feelings. Tested on Humans Only.

* denotes ACO, USDA & EcoCert Certified Organic

50g in dark violet glass jar


Gold & Roses - Caressing Facial Mist

This exceptional facial mist soothes, tones, hydrates & delights you with our Colloidal Gold and the very finest organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil* and Hydrosol*. When combined they nourish the radiance and health of the skin, subtly, with the beautiful scent of Rose Otto.

It is Fire in Water - an electric plasma arc process which transforms pure Gold into a ruby red colloidal liquid. This Elixir then marries the Queen of Roses, Rosa Damascena, gently unveiling her healing and divine fragrance.

May Kindle Sensuous Feelings. Tested on Humans Only.

* denotes ACO, USDA & EcoCert Certified Organic

50ml or 100ml bottles in dark violet glass

Gold & Roses

Lavender & Silver

To complement our Gold & Roses range we have created the Lavender & Silver organic  products as a cooling and restoring aid for the skin. The healing properties of both Silver and Lavender are well known and traditionally prized for their use on skin inflammation, minor infections, burns, acne & eczema.

We source Bulgarian Organic Lavender Oil and Hydrosol of the highest Aromatherapeutic grade, and blend it with our own potent yellow Colloidal Silver in a luxurious skin cream and calming facial & body mist. The antibacterial properties of Silver are an important component of our preparations. In our unique processes we reduce pure Silver to its ionic as well as colloidal state with a particle size ranging between 8 and 40 nanometres, indicated in its light yellow colour. This efficacious Elixir represents the alchemical Moon, feminine and Yin qualities.

Lavender & Silver

Lavender & Silver - Calming Facial Mist

This delightful face & body mist is prepared with only three ingredients - Distilled Water, Lavender Flowers and Fine Silver. 

Combining Organic Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil* and Hydrosol* of Aromatherapy quality with our Colloidal Silver, the subtle spirits of Lavender & Silver unite in an alchemical marriage. 

Silver has been used since ancient times for its anti bacterial, anti fungal, regenerative and healing properties. When used as a Deodorant, it is effective and gentle on sensitive skin.

Calms, Refreshes, Hydrates, Restores.

* denotes ACO Certified Organic

50ml and 100ml dark violet glass bottle with atomizer

Lavender & Silver - Restoring Face Cream

This natural Skin Restorer was created to assist the skin in recovering from challenges such as sunburns, scratches, small infections, insect bites and blisters as well as a moisturizing, calming and toning cream. Colloidal Silver assists it with antibacterial properties.

Prepared with Organic Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil* and Hydrosol* of Aromatherapy quality, Colloidal Silver, Almond Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Olive Emulsifier* and a special preparation of MSM and Carbamide. 

The restoring and healing properties of Silver and Lavender enhance each other synergistically. An excellent moisturizer with a silky texture and wonderful Lavender fragrance.

* denotes ACO, USDA & EcoCert Certified Organic

50g dark violet glass jar


MIRON Violet Glass Protection

MIRON Violet glass offers superior protection for light-sensitive organic products to maintain freshness, potency and fragrance over a longer period of time. This unique glass acts as a natural light filter by only letting in those parts of the spectrum that maintain the subtle properties of sensitive substances.

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