Colloidal Silver & Gold Elixirs

Alchemically prepared with advanced plasma technology

Colloidal Silver & Gold

We prepare Colloidal Silver & Gold using technologies developed over years of research and experimentation. This allows us to control the quality, purity and particle size of the precious metals in solution. The resulting Elixirs are of a high grade strength and efficacy.

Gold, carrying the solar principle, masculine or Yang qualities in the Chinese system, has been used internally for thousands of years for its rejuvenative and strengthening qualities. Silver, embodying the lunar principle, feminine or Yin qualities, supports the Immune system, acting as an anti-biotic and anti-fungal agent, disabling bacteria and pathogens in the body.



  •  Broad spectrum Anti-Biotic

  • Anti-Fungal (fungi, candida)

  • Anti-Parasitic (kills parasites)

  • Immune Support 

  • Skin Treatment (burns, infections)

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  •  Anti-Inflammatory (arthritis, rheumatism)

  • Enhanced mood (anxiety, depression)

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Rejuvenating properties (glandular tonic, nerve stimulant, libido enhancement)

Colloidal Silver Elixir - Potent Yellow

Silver has been used since ancient times for its anti bacterial, anti fungal, regenerative and healing properties. Our proprietary processes (Fire in Water, and a unique electrolysis method) creates ionic and colloidal silver and allows us to increase the amount of very small and citrate chelated silver particles (8 to 40 nm) - giving the elixir its light yellow colour and leading to a higher bioavailability inside the body. Also used to sanitize drinking water our colloidal silver is formulated for maximum efficacy.

20 ppm concentration.

200ml glass bottle.


Fire in Water

Our unique plasma process we call 'Fire in Water' reduces solid 24k Gold or pure Silver into fine nanoparticles between 8 and 40 nanometres in size, Gold producing a ruby red solution, Silver a pale yellow. These particles are then stabilized by natural citrate salts which are part of the body's Krebs cycle. The tiny colloidal particles penetrate through the cell membranes easily and work effectively towards providing cellular wellbeing and also ease the symptoms of some disorders. 

Our Colloidal Elixirs are freshly prepared and come in 200ml bottles.


Colloidal Gold Elixir - Ruby Red

Gold has been used by rulers, nobility and the priest class for at least 2000 years for its anti-rheumatic, mood uplifting, aphrodisiac and healing abilities as well as its energy enhancing properties.
Though quite difficult to prepare, we have achieved a very fine, ruby looking quality starting with solid 24 Carat gold - transformed into finest gold dust by an electrical plasma – Fire in Water.
The ruby red colour of the elixir indicates its fineness (below 20 nm particle size) with a high concentration of 20 ppm. The gold is chelated with citrate (which is part of the body’s Krebs cycle) to increase its bioavailability.


20ppm concentration.

200ml glass bottle.